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1961–1970 1970–1972 1972–1975 1975–1978 1978–1980 1980–1991 1991–1992
1992–1993 1993–1998 1998–2002 2002–2006 2006–2015 2015–2018 Chilevisión 2018 (H)
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Canal 9 de la Universidad de Chile


The logo consisted of the word "CANAL" above the number 9, and the word "TV" inside the number.


Then, contours of TV screens are interlaced and in the center the letters U channel 9 appear.


The logo consisted of a U next to a rectangle with rounded corners, and within this were the letters TV.


The logo is changed by a purple 9 enclosed in a light-blue letter C.


With the arrival of color in 1978, the new logo was a figure that simulated the outline of a television screen and on it appeared an owl, something very similar to the emblem of the soccer club of the University of Chile.



With the frequency change from 9 to 11, the logo is a TV screen that encloses the number 11. This logo was also used in the "Universidad de Chile Televisión" era (1983-1991, see below).


Between 1980 and 1983 the word "Teleonce".

Universidad de Chile Televisión


And from April 1983 to 1991, below said Universidad de Chile Televisión.

Red de Televisión de la Universidad de Chile (RTU)


This logo is 3 stripes, the first in blue and the last two in red, and on them the letters RTU in white, with November font.


Since June 1992 another logo was used, but with the first two stripes red and the last one blue




Since the change of management, the logo is composed by its acronym CHV of golden color. These letters are united by a typographic ligature, which began from the bottom of the letter C, which extended through the center of the letter H and began to start the letter V in its upper left. Under it the motto "Chilevisión" in gold letters, capital letters and thick, with the big V and the rest small.



The channel logo is changed, the blue sphere is changed by a red circle (in some cases a sphere) with the inscription CHV in white Helvetica typeface.


On 2004 the texture of the logo was changed: from opaque to a subtle gloss. The previous logo was still used for a short time as the on-screen bug.


Then, in 2006, it continues with the red color and the letters CHV locked in a ball.


Chilevisión 2015

Keeping the color and slogan from the previous logo, the new logo has the initials CHV in Myriad typeface inside two red crescents simulating a circle. That is the first logo of Chilevisión under the management of Turner Broadcasting System (currently folded into Warner Media). The new logo debuted on January 1st 2015 at midnight, and the advertising graphics debuted later on the same day.


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