CER Two Radio is a commercial-free radio station that serves the Benton, AR area and broadcasts from Bryant, Arkansas. It is owned by KCER Media (a division of Laserium Holdings) and it is launched on January 1st, 2016. It is a radio station modelled after BBC radio stations in the UK and offers a full-service format featuring news, weather, traffic, sports, talk, drama, comedy, educational programs, music, and children's programs along with live audio simulcasts of programming seen on CER Two as well on the CER2 Digital Networks.

Since the station is commercial-free, CER Two Radio also has a 125-cut jingle package from JAM Creative Productions, Top Format Productions, and TM Studios of which the jingle package is co-produced featuring the 7-note Sky Radio-styled CER Two Radio signature as jingle singers get to the word "Radio".

January 1st, 2016-present

The logo for CER Two Radio is based on the 2015 CER Two logo.