Childrens Premium Channel

1980 - 1983


Only known surfaced capture of logo, Circa 1980

Childrens Premium Channel was launched sometime in 1980 programming old shows and cartoons, which were mostly in the public domain.

Childrens Christian Channel

1983 - 1985


In 1983, the channel was rebranded, now exclusively showing Christian programming, some of which aired simultaneously on CBN, which also owned a Family Channel.

1985 - 1989


1988 - 1989 (Secondary)

House (1)

Secondary Ident only used as a Screenbug during late 1988 through early 1989. Captured from Flying House.

MGM/UA Toons

1989 - 1990


In 1989, MGM/UA purchased Childrens Christian Channel, and rebranded it a mere three days after the takeover, and removed all christian programming and replaced it with MGM-Owned and Acquired Programming, which were all Animated.


1990 - 1992

MGM Kids

MGM/UA modified the network to focus on more than cartoons, and the network became MGM/UA Kids.

1992 - 1995

LIon king

MGM Kids Zone

1995 - 1996


In 1995, MGM once again rebranded their Kids channel to fit more older youths while still attending to younger ones as well.

The Disney Experience



In 1996, MGM sold their network to Disney who changed it into a free version of their network, The Disney Channel. This was short lived though, as it only ran for 5 months.

Kids POP

1996 - 2003


This logo came in many different colors, but for the sake of it, we will only show the blue version.

In 1996, Disney let ABC (A subsidiary of which they purchased in 1995) run the station as Kids Pop. It is interesting how this channel stayed alive. In 1997, it was going to become Toon Disney, but instead, Toon Disney replaced some other network. In 1999, It was going to become Disney's 1 TV, but this also got cancelled.

ABC Kids

2003 - 2006


On January 27, 2003, Disney and ABC rebranded Kids POP as ABC Kids, which basically acted as a second Disney Channel, since the block on ABC aired pretty much the same things Disney Channel aired, not to mention the fact Toon Disney existed.

Paramount Kids

2006 - 2016


In 2006, Disney handed over ABC Kids to Viacom, who rebranded it as their own. Starting in 2007, Some Nickelodeon shows began airing on the channel.

CBS Kids

2016 -

CBS kids

In 2016, Viacom turned Paramount Kids into CBS Kids as a joint venture between CBS and DHX Media.

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