2001-2004; 2003-2006 (Valdish Republic); 2002-2007 (Asterisk)

Boomerang Logo without 1992 CN logo



2006-2007 (Valdish Republic); 2007-2010 (Asterisk)

Boomerang LA Logo 2006-2008

2007-2012 (Valdish Republic/Yuru-charaia)

200px-Boomerang aus.svg

2010-2015 (Asterisk)

Boomerang Latin America logo

2012-present; 2012-2013 (Kuboia); 2012-2015 (Yuru-charaia); 2012-2017 (Jetania)

Boomerang TM Logo 2012

this logo is never used in Asterisk.

2015-present (Yuru-charaia and Asterisk); 2017-present (Jetania)

Boomerang 2015

This logo has so far only been adapted by the Asterisk, Jetanie and Yuru-charaia feeds. It is unknown if the other feeds will ever adapt it.

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