Boomerang Media 2016

On January 30, 2019, Boomerang Media merged into Qualis Entertainment. Boomerang Media LLC owned film, TV, music, print media and intellectual property libraries, that have been acquired from studios that, sometimes, went defunct over the years, and their copyrights. It's library includes the media libraries of:

  • Mandalay Pictures (pre-2011 film and television library)
    • Mandalay Vision
    • Mandalay Independent
    • Mandalay Television
    • Dick Clark Productions
  • Miramax Films (pre-2000 film library)
  • Paramount Lorimar Domestic Television
  • StudioCanal's pre-1996 film library, including:
    • De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
      • Embassy Pictures
    • Ealing Studios
    • Lumiere Pictures and Television
      • ​EMI Films
        • British Lion Films
        • Anglo-Amalgamated
          • Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors
        • Associated British Picture Corporation
        • Associated British Productions
          • Associated British Film Distributors
    • London Films
    • Videocraft International
  • United Productions of America
  • Harvey Films
  • Saban Entertainment (pre-2002 film and television library)

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