Now I know what you're thinking. "Kaylor (Bjbarnett2011) didn't do anything wrong, right?" "He's the founder of the wiki." Well, me and a couple of admins have had a problem with him ever since we joined this wiki, to the point where one of us even founded a similar wiki to avoid him. Here's only a small list of what he did:

So a while ago, I got into contact with Fandom Staff and a person adviced me to hold a public discussion in this community to voice people's opinion (aside from Kaylor's because he will eventually screw this election over). I will not make a poll as of now, as to comply with their requests. This discussion will be open for about a week and if Kaylor deletes this, he will only prove my point better and I have to put this up again, no matter what.

So, should Blakley be demoted from his bureaucrat role and make space for a better leader (such as CoolGamer23 or Lumogo maybe even me?)? You choose, yes or no.


There have been multiple complaints about him before this that you can take as a reference and I'm listing them here now, and as a bonus, threads where Kaylor is just generally annoying:

Yeah, you can see where this is going.

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