BiStar TV, formerly known as Big Star TV, is an American TV channel broadcasting in Utah, USA. It also broadcasts in SimNation. It has its international division, BiStar International. Its license expired in August 4, 2016, but it was relaunched in 2019. It is part of the Eidolon Media Alliance Group.

Big Star TV

July 1971- April 1979

300px BigStar71.svg

Black and white version


Colored Version

The channel was founded in July 29, 1971, but it did not officially launch until January 1972. Its first logo was a yellow star inside a blue square.

May 1979 - December 1985

The logo was reworked in May 28, 1979, after its designers found its previous logo "too basic". It represents a yellow star with the words "TV", hence the name Big Star TV.

January 1986 - April 1993

The logo was again revamped in January 10, 1986, and it is nicknamed the "flower star". It is basically a stylized flower with a star in the center.

December 1992 - March 2003

Its logo was modified in December 2, 1992. Its yellow color was changed to blue and its former blue parts were changed to grey.

November 2002 (prototype)


This logo was revealed in November 7, 2002. It was never used.

March 2003 - August 2016


Around 2003, Big Star TV was bought by Eidolon Media. Its logo had its colors inverted.

On January 1, 2015, it was announced that Big Star TV's license was due to expire in August 4, 2016 and that it would not be renewed.

Later on August 2016, Big Star TV shut down. Its frequence was taken by Eidolon Television which changed its frequencies when the BiStar TV project was revived 3 years later.

BiStar TV



The TV channel was relaunched in April 29, 2019 under the name BiStar TV. The logo swapped colors and the star is now colored yellow.

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