Barney is the El Kadsreian production of Barney & Friends. This series aired from 1997-2005 on ETVKK and has since been released on video and DVD.

June Yuloa, one of the heads of El Kadsreian entertainment company Power Entertainment, the production studio of El TV Kadsre, was inspired by Barney. His daughter, like many children in the early nineties, became entranced with the purple dinosaur, which inspired him to pursue the rights to produce an Brazil adaptation of the show. He approached Lyrick Studios in 1995, but was initially denied, told that he was only allowed to air the original version. He felt that "airing a sightly bland American show" wouldn't work. Then Mr. Hurleoasi asked "Why not have Barney use his imagination at a El Kadsreian boarding school?" This sealed the deal and, under strict guidelines, the show could be produced. One of these guidelines was that the shows could only be adapted from the US counterparts, with very few script changes. When the agreement went through, it cost El TV Kadsre and Power, thanks to help from fundraisers, $78,000,000 per episode to produce (Only $12 million per episode went to Lyrick), making it one of the most expensive children's shows produced in all 3 countries this coproduction aired in. Despite the fact script tinkering was rarely done, some episodes had segments (London Bridge was sung as "New Warsaw Bridge" in Caring Means Sharing, the episode was ironically filmed prior to the bridge collapsing) or even whole storylines changed to fit Israeli traditions (Hola, Mexico! was now about the El Kadsreian holiday Spackles (redubbed to feature Cybersland and Republic of Guy's respective holidays in their airings of that storyline's episodes) instead of a Mexican fiesta).

The show was filmed at Side To Side Entertainment, El Kadsre City in a large school set also used by the comedy-drama series Black Lines on Viva, which means the Barney doll used on this show was sometimes seen on the Danny's bench.