Bad Idea Productions was a vanity card of Patrick Johnson. It was used in The Simons, until he left the show during the half of season 2.

(September 5, 1999-November 12, 2000)

Bad Idea Productions (Version 2) Bad Idea Productions (Version 3)

Logo: Depending on the episode

Season 1
    • The Company Man: Against a silk background, we see a old MacIntosh computer with floppy disk and Apple mouse. Underneath the screen, it has "Bad Idea" and small "Productions" texts (in Peignot font).
    • Any Given Sunday: Under a table, it has (not the same, but another) Mac computer with the same "Bad Idea" text, but in another font.

Music/Sounds: The closing theme of the show

Availability: Seen on season 1 (it doesn't appear on the first 4 episodes, neither the episodes #18, #19, #21, #23, #26 and #27) and half of season 2 (except "The Cold War" and "My Fair Craig") from The Simons on DVD, as well as iTunes prints (it appears before the closing credits, along with Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Alliance Atlantis logos).

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