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1920–1930 BP Logo 3 BP Logo 4 BP Logo 5 1989–2000 2000–present
1920–1930 1930–1947 1947–1961 1961–1989 1989–2000 2000–present



BP Logo 3

Designed by AR Saunders.


BP Logo 4


BP Logo 5

Designed by Raymond Loewy.


This updated shield logo was introduced in 1989 as part of a new corporate image. It features a lighter shade of green and the new image had more focus on the colour green than its predecessor. The letters "BP" were also italicized. Designed by Siegel & Gale.


In response to negative press on British Petroleum's poor safety standards, BP introduced a brand new corporate logo in March 2000, marking an end to the familiar shield design that had been used since 1930. The company adopted a green sunburst logo designed by Landor Associates, while being rebranded as BP ("Beyond Petroleum") plc.

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