BBC2 Japan (First Era)


BBC Two Japan 1979

In 1985, BBC Two Was Launched In Japan.

BBC Two Japan (First Era)


Bbc Two Japan 1986

In 1986, The 2 Is Replaced By The Word TWO.

BBC2 Japan (Second Era)

1990 (Unused)

BBC Two Japan (Unused, 1990)

This Logo Was Never Used.


BBC Two Japan 1991

In 1991, The Word TWO Got Replaced By The Iconic 2.

BBC Two Japan (Second Era)


BBC Two Japan 1997

In 1997, BBC Two In Japan Changed It's Logo. Just Like In The UK.


BBC Two Japan 2001

In 2001, BBC Two In Japan Changed It's Logo Again. Along With The Other Countries As Well. The 1991-2001 Idents Were Kept, and Added The Personality 2's Idents.


BBC Two Japan

In 2007, BBC Two In Japan Changed It's Logo Again. The 1991-2001 and Personality 2's Idents Were Kept, and Added Window On The World Idents.


BBC Two Japan (No-Box)

In 2012, BBC Two In Japan Made An Box-Less Logo. Just Like The Other BBC Two Channels Not In UK, It Will Still Have The 1991-2001 Idents, Personality 2's Idents, and Window On The World Ident.

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Unlike BBC Two In The UK, It Does Not Use The Curve Idents.

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