Arkansas Children's Television Network (known on-air as ACTN) is a commercial-free independently-owned statewide television network aimed at kids 2-10 and is located in Little Rock, Arkansas and it launched on January 1, 1975.

In addition to providing the best national and international children's programming, ACTN produces 200 hours of original programming each week.

The stations of the Arkansas Children's Television Network are:
KCTN-TV 28 Little Rock
KPBA-TV 20 Pine Bluff
KHSA-TV 31 Hot Springs
KCTF-TV 30 Fort Smith
KFVA-TV 35 Fayetteville
KJBA-TV 25 Jonesboro
KHLD-TV 14 Harrison
KLAA-TV 46 El Dorado
KRVA-TV 18 Russellville
KMTA-TV 47 Monticello

January 1st, 1975-1983

It was based on the 1975 HBO logo.


It was based on the 1983 TNN logo, but ACTN's TV-screen logo offers a satellite dish.


It was based on the VISN logo, but with a satellite dish.


It was based on the Speedvision logo, but instead of reading "Speedvision", it reads "ACTN" with the red-colored TV-screen satellite dish logo from 1983.


It is based on the Cartoonito logo, but with ACTN's 1983 TV-screen satellite dish logo.

Graphics packages used by ACTN

  • 1975-1983: Graphics used by the HBO pay-TV network
  • 1983-1988: Graphics used by the Showtime pay-TV network
  • 1988-94: Graphics used by The Travel Channel
  • 1994-98: Graphics used by Speedvision
  • 1998-2000: Graphics used by Sky Brasil
  • 2000-2002: Graphics used by DirecTV
  • 2002-2009: Graphics used by DirecTV Brasil
  • 2009–present: Graphics used by Cartoonito
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