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  • The show is similar to various animated shows and the original All Grown Up! series.
  • In this series, most of the characters wear clothes that strongly resemble the clothes they wear in Rugrats. However, in the original All Grown Up! series, they wear different clothes in almost every episode. Also, the other ones in the second time and the first one being the Rugrats 10th anniversary special "All Growed Up" (aired on Nick from 2001).
  • Tommy commonly wears a white shirt with light blue sleeves, a blue pants and brown sneakers.
  • Kimi commonly wears a pink shirt with yellow sleeveless shirt, a green skirt with pink and yellow triangles (or a pants) and a purple boots.
  • Angelica commonly wears a purple shirt with light purple sleeves, a blue skirt with green polka dots and purple clogs.
  • Susie commonly wears a yellow and purple shirt, a purple pants and red shoes.
  • Chuckie commonly wears a blue button-up shirt with Saturn, a green pants and red shoes with the laces always untied.
  • Phil commonly wears a turquoise shirt with a pink vest, a dark green pants and blue shoes.
  • Lil commonly wears a turquoise shirt with a pink vest, a blue skirt and pink shoes.
  • Dil commonly wears a yellow shirt, a blue shorts and blue sneakers.
  • Kimi's pants is without to ripping it from her knee in the 2001 special.
  • The 2003 Klasky Csupo logo is used in the closing logos of this show.
  • This is a sixth installment of the Rugrats franchise.