Alive Films was an independent (initially art house) film company revived in 2017 by the original founder Carolyn Pfeiffer and John River Entertainment. It's located in Los Angeles and formerly London.


In March 2017, John River Group arranged six joint ventures:

  • A joint venture with Publicis, Gaumont, NRJ Group and Gilbert Gross (founder of Carat, owned by Dentsu Aegis Network)
  • A Los Angeles-based joint venture between A Smith & Co, Base Productions and Magical Elves
  • A joint venture with financers Cutting Edge Group, Buena Vista International (the distributor for this joint venture's films in Canada), Paramount Pictures (distributor in South Africa), Samuel Goldwyn Films (worldwide theatrical distributor) and the US distributors Warner Bros Pictures and 20th Century Fox.
  • A joint venture (with Sony Pictures) to have its films distributed on home video internationally by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

When Alive Films was revived, the Los Angeles office opened, with some staff from Base Productions and Magical Elves hired.

The theatrical distribution rights were sold to Buena Vista International Canada, Paramount Pictures (for the African continent) and Samuel Goldwyn Films (once again, the worldwide theatrical distributor). Cutting Edge Group was brought in as a music partner, financing Alive Films' upcoming movies and distributing their soundtracks. The home entertainment distribution rights were sold to Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

A Smith & Co Entertainment, Walden Media and Warner Bros. Pictures' Asian Film Production division are set to co-produce the first three films.

Tinopolis and Wanda Media arranged a partnership where they would finance the first 17 films to be produced and/or financed by Alive Films. The marketing and private broadcasting rights were sold to Publicis Group, NRJ Group, Thomas Cook Airlines, East Japan Marketing & Communications (owned by Japan Railways) and Dentsu Aegis Network.

21st Century Fox tried to acquire 20% in the company, but was quickly denied by John River Entertainment. Fox then settled for the Indian distribution rights for the first three films through Fox Star Pictures.

However, Fox Star Studios soon pulled out and decided to partner with Mirum Pictures International, while Alive Films London were bought out by the company.


On January 30, 2019, Alive Films was closed, their production and distribution deals were called off, and its assets were transferred to Qualis Entertainment.

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