The first one is simple, A red circle surrounded by blue with the text

reading " GEIRD AIR


Geird to Trondheim

in fifteen minutes"

Late 1947


This is slightly different from the last, as flights to Oslo also begun.

1950 - 1954

You can see this is quite different from the last one, The logo has changed form a circle to a rectangle and introduced the "Flag diamond" for the first time and also introduced the famous catchphrase "The fly is off" which was said when The fly (Grassland Air's first aeroplane) took off for the first time.

1954 - 1960


This was when Geird Air Lines was renamed to Grasslandic Air (not to be confused with Air Grassland). By this time it has flights all over Europe.

1960 - 1967


By now it has renamed to Air Grassland. They also added the Grasslandic translation.

1967 - 1977

1977 - 1986

1986 - 1997

1997 - 2008

2008 - present

Air grassland

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