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AOA 1990.svg
Capowe Studios
What would soon be Bebas Neue

AOA is an American multinational commercial free-to-air commercial television channel founded on August 5th, 1985 as a joint venture between CPN Media Group (Wildcat Holdings sold it to this company in 1999), Time Warner (now Warner Bros. Discovery), Disney, and Viacom (now Paramount Global). All these companies also aired their content on the network. It originally stood for An Odd Acronym.

1985-1999 (secondary)

Capowe Studios
What would soon be Bebas Neue

AOA would also, alongside the 1st logo, introduce a logo to be used on bumpers and home media. However, both logos were phased out for the next one.

1999-2002, 2003-2018, 2018-present (secondary)

AOA New Logo.svg
In-house team (logo)
Lambie/Nairn (on-air)
Helvetica Bold (logo)
Gill Sans (on-air, print, 1999-present)

The new logo for AOA was introduced on April 1st, 1999, coincidentally enough when AOA decided to become a worldwide free-to-air network. The logo was designed by the in-house team of AOA. The acronym now (officially) stood for "Acronym Open to Assumptions", in which multiple people could call it whatever they wanted, as seen on each bumper (e.g. Acronym Over Anybody). Around the same year, Wildcat sold its share to CPN Media Group, stating that they "just simply wanted to move on from AOA".



From 2002-2003, AOA introduced a short-lived logo, called "The font is back". It used the original AOA font and was used from 2002-2003, when AOA was rebranded. Due to backlash from fans, it was reverted back to the old one.

2018-present (secondary)

AOA 2018.svg
Proxima Nova

On April 2nd, 2018, AOA introduced a new logo, designed by Loyalkaspar. It is only used on the AOA+ app.


In-house team
Lambie/Nairn (original)
The Graphics Design
Helvetica Bold (logo)
Proxima Nova (on-air, print)

On April 2nd, 2018, alongside the previous logo, AOA received a new logo, designed by DixonBaxi, Superunion, The Graphics Design, and the In-house team, based on the 2002-2018 logo. It will be phased out for the new one.


AOA Logo 2022.svg

The original concept for the logo.

Designer:  Cat House Design (Original concept)

The Graphics Design

Typography:  Merriweather Sans
Libre Franklin (On-air, social media, print)
Montserrat (On-air, social media)
Inter (On-air, print)
Puritan (On-air)
Launched:  June 10th, 2022 (concept)
June 13th, 2022.

On June 10th, 2022, Cat House Design's logo won the contest, since no other logos were made. It was fixed up into a vector format that looked slightly different from the original concept (different font and layout) on June 13th, 2022, marking the rebrand's debut.

2023 (tentative)

AOA Logo April Fools 2023.svg

On April Fools, 2023, a logo with the arc upside down would launch for a limited time (March 31st-April 2nd).

V β€’ T β€’ E CPN Holdings

CPN Holdings.svg

CPN 2019 Logo Magneta.png

CPN Media Group (83%)
Co-owned with Seagrounds Financial Group (17%)

Pogobon Media & Entertainment:
Pogobon Studios β€’ Pogobon Originals

CPN Productions:
Wonder Media Programs β€’ Bumblebee Studio β€’ CPN Originals β€’ Republic Film Enterprises β€’ CPN Films β€’ CPN Home Entertainment β€’ CPN Distribution

Television channels:
CPN Media Channels: CPN Box Office β€’ CPN Movie Channel β€’ Funbox TV β€’ CPN Mix β€’ CPN Lifestyle
CPN Television: CPN One (Other) β€’ CPN Two (Other) β€’ CPN News (TV channel β€’ Other) β€’ CPN Kids (Other) β€’ CPN International β€’ CPN 3 (Sentan) (Other) β€’ CPN 5 (Vicnora) (Other) β€’ CPN 6 (Screencold and Line) (Other) β€’ CPN 8 (Mahri) (Other) β€’ CPN 9 (North El Kadsre) (Other) β€’ DMP 1 (Taugaran) β€’ A2Z Taugaran (Taugaran)
AOA Corporation 2: AOA 2 β€’ AOA World News 2 AOA.com2 β€’ Qubo on AOA 23 β€’ AOA+ 2
Pogobon Media & Entertainment: Pogobon (TV channel) β€’ Pogobon Jr. β€’ Pogobon Extreme
CPN Sports: CPN Sports 1 β€’ CPN Sports 2 β€’ CPN Sports 3

United World Media new logo.png

UWM Media Entertainment Companies
Film production companies: United World Films β€’ Green Seas Films β€’ Alagoas Pictures β€’ California INC. Productions β€’ Wild Films (Vertinelia) β€’ Insignia Productions (Hjallford) β€’ VertineFilm β€’ Thaifilm β€’ Notey Films β€’ Objectmation Productions
Television production companies: Hot Screen Television β€’ UWN Original Productions β€’ Objectmation Original β€’ UWN+ Original

UWM Animation β€’ UWN+ β€’ TodayUWM β€’ Syracuse Games Inc. β€’ UWM eWatch β€’ The Graphics Design

Syracuse Games Inc. video games
Scratch Battle β€’ The Scratch Movie Videogame β€’ Pen and Eraser Movie Videogame

TV channels
UWN (Other β€’ HD β€’ 3D (now defunct)) β€’ UWNN β€’ Pus4 β€’ Glare! β€’ Network 17 β€’ The FN (50%)1

V β€’ T β€’ E UWN
UWN 2020.svg

Current multichannels (UWN branded)
UWN 2 β€’ UWN Comedy β€’ UWN Music β€’ UWN Adults β€’ UWN Cinema β€’ UWN Kids β€’ UWN Sports β€’ UWN Family β€’ UWN Action β€’ UWN Anime β€’ UWN Living β€’ UWN Cooking β€’ UWN Doku β€’ UWN Perkeyland β€’ UWN History β€’ UWN SciFi β€’ UWN Tech β€’ UWN Entertainment β€’ UWN Preschoolers β€’ UWN Teens β€’ UWN News 24 β€’ UWN Power β€’ UWN Classics β€’ UWN Zone β€’ UWN Hits β€’ UWN Rush

Current multichannels (non-UWN branded)
Muchingbus Network β€’ The FN β€’ Glare! β€’ Pus4 β€’ Network 17

Owned Television Stations
KFLE (Springfield, MO) β€’ KUDW-TV (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX) β€’ KUNC-TV (Sacramento, CA) β€’ KUWA (Anchorage, AK) β€’ KUWH-TV (Honolulu, HI) β€’ KUWN-TV (Los Angeles, CA) β€’ KUWU (Salt Lake City, UT) β€’ KWSM-TV (Kansas City, MO) β€’ WCIK (Cincinnati, OH) β€’ WCN-TV (Atlanta, GA) β€’ WMFL (Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, FL) β€’ WUCO-TV (Columbus, OH) β€’ WUIN (Indianapolis, IN) β€’ WUNO-TV (New Orleans, LA) β€’ WUWC (Chicago, IL) β€’ WUWD (Detroit, MI) β€’ WUWK-TV (Louisville, KY) β€’ WUWN-TV (New York City, NY) β€’ WUWP-TV (Philadelphia, PA) β€’ WUWT-TV (Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL)

V β€’ T β€’ E UWN News
UWN News horizontal.svg

Current programming
UWN AM β€’ UWN AM on Saturday β€’ UWN AM on Sunday β€’ UWN PM β€’ UWN News Flash β€’ ON The Bright Side β€’ Direct & Express β€’ Hotnine

Special programming
R/Place Watch

Former programming
Hotnine: Video Games β€’ TC2C AM Afternoon β€’ Back to Back

V β€’ T β€’ E UWN Sports
UWN Sports horizontal.svg

UWN Summer Olympics β€’ UWN Winter Olympics β€’ UWN FIFA World Cup β€’ Formula One on UWN β€’ UWN La Liga β€’ UWN Commonwealth Games β€’ UWN Copa America


Canceled multichannels
UWN Hero

Defunct multichannels (CubenRocks branded)
CubenRocks Channel 3 β€’ CubenRocks Choice β€’ CubenRocks Knowledge

Defunct multichannels (! TV branded)
Learning Zone! TV β€’ Living TV! β€’ Life! TV β€’ Discover! TV 2 β€’ Objects! TV β€’ Drama! TV β€’ Kids! TV β€’ Children! TV

Defunct multichannels (non-CubenRocks or ! TV branded)
The Cartoon Channel β€’ The Kids Zone β€’ FranceNetwork β€’ TheCuben2006 Comedy β€’ India Zone β€’ The Teenager Channel β€’ The Drama Station β€’ The Sitcom Channel β€’ The Cinema Channel β€’ Kpop Live Cuben


Capowe Motion Pictures Group
Capowe Pictures | No Film Left Behind Studios

V β€’ T β€’ E No Film Left Behind
No Film Left Behind Interactive Media | NFLB Animation Studios

NFLB Television Studios
No Film Left Behind Television Distribution | In Association With Productions

NFLB Home Media Group
No Film Left Behind Home Video | Mondo Home Video1 2 3
1 Joint venture with Qube Holdings.
2 Joint venture with Mondo Media.

3 Originally a joint venture with StudioWorks Entertainment until 2007.

NFLB Wordmark.svg
A Capowe Holdings company.

Capowe Animation and Design/Capowe Studios
Capowe Digital Media | Capowe Visual Effects

Capowe Labs
Software: Boulder Editor
Encoding software: NFLB Video Encoding System

Capowe Television Group
Capowe Television Studios1 | Braniff Productions1 | NFLB Television Studios

Capowe Music Group
Capowe Records | NFLB Records

Balls Studios Chicago2 JLS+MF15 Productions3 BAD Productions

1 Joint venture with Qube Holdings.
2 Shut down due to the Gabriel Garcia pedo incident.
3 Shut down due to the acquisition and shutdown of BAD Productions.

Capowe Holdings.svg

CPN Television: CPN Online (CPN+ β€’ TheCoolTimes β€’ CPN News Online β€’ CPN Sports Online) β€’ CPN News Radio (under CPN News)
Pogobon Media & Entertainment: Pogobon Music

CPN Media Group: CPN Interactive β€’ CPN Music β€’ CPN Store β€’ CPN Foundation β€’ CPN Magazine β€’ CPN Toys β€’ CPN Media Tower

1Co-owned with Glitch Productions.
2Joint venture with Warner Bros. Discovery, The Walt Disney Company, and Paramount Global.
3Co-owned by E.W. Scripps Company.