AGH (fromerly known as Alpha Group National Companies or AGNCs) is a Romanian private holding company, that also operates in other countries as well.

The holding consisted solely of AMG Networks, when it merged into Village Lava in 2017


Agncs 1995


Agncs 1999


AGH 2015

It is expected that AGNCs will be rebranded in AGH in 2015, at the 20th anniversary. The identity and logo were designed by Salovaara + Kukkonen Group Romania.

In 2016, when it was close to bankruptcy, AGNCs sold APTI Systems, Alpha Software Development and AED Service to Laserium Holdings for $700 million, and Palm Hotels to Crystal Holdings for $725 million.

In 2017, AGH merged into Village Lava International Group.

VTE Fenix

Fenix 2020

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