ABC Channel is a Guyish-based television network owned by ABC/GoAnimate Television Networks and Wallkam Networks LLC. It was launched on September 22, 2005 replacing Republic Television (RepublicTV).

It airs Disney Channel shows,not to mention ABC's too. And they air kids shows every morning 5 AM ET/2AM PDT to 12PM ET/9 AM PDT.

Republic Television

11 January 1996 - 30 September 1999

The first logo has the letter R in Comic Sans MS and the red ''tv'' text in Comic Sans MS next to the R. Under the R and TV says ''Republic Television''. the word ''Television'' was colored red. It is based on MTV's logo.

1 October 1999 - 21 September 2005

It says Republic in red and TV in black.

ABC Channel

22 September 2005 - 22 September 2008

It uses ABC US's 1962 logo and the word Channel next to the ABC logo in Eurostile font.

23 September 2008 - 14 May 2013

It uses ABC US's 2007 logo and the word Channel next to the ABC logo in Arial Black font.

15 May 2013 - present

It uses ABC US's 2013 logo and the word channel next to the ABC logo in Segoe font. Same like the 2005 and 2008 logos.
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