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Bay Blues Television

Bay Blues Television was the ITV franchise holder for South West Ireland from January 1, 1982 to December 31, 1992 that replaced Hound Television. It was lost to South West Ireland Independent TV in January 1, 1993.


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1989 (ITV)

Logopedia InfoWhite LOGO MISSING

This was not used on air due to the connected yellow and green B's being the wrong way.

S Entertainment

S Entertainment was opened as a small independient home video company.



We Might Not Be Able to Find Him Productions

In 2018 Doy Pack acquired S Entertainment and renamed to We Might Not Be Able to Find Him Productions and it became a television production company.



Mahogany Bay Television Studios

In 2019 Bay acquired We Might Not Be Able to Find Him Productions and renamed to Mahogany Bay Television Studios. They create network television exclusive content.



NO Productions

In 2020, Bay has acquired the assets from Bay Blues Television, revived the production company and he renamed it to NO Productions to prevent confusion with Bay Television and for syndication and low-profile productions, making a subsidiary of Mahogany Bay Television Studios. The ITV-related things was then sold to ITV Ivanland.



The logo is a blurry Lego Batman saying NO.

21st Television Pictures

In 2021, Bay merged NO Productions with Mahogany Bay Television Studios and it became 21st Television Pictures.



print logo

In 2023, because of reorganization and low rate of alternative tv productions, this division got folded into Bay Television.

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