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The Spooky Scary Halloween Special (Theatrical Version only)

Old Summary: The logo is similar to the 1994 logo, but animated in Blender. The text is orange, the sky is purple, there are pumpkins and bats and also cobwebs.

New Summary: The same as the 1981 logo, but "FOX" is replaced with "SPOOK", and the text is orange, and the sky is purple.


The logo has a similar look to the 1994 logo, bringing back the 1994 logo.

But is now the 1981 logo.

It uses LogoManSeva's model.

Though it may not.


1981 fanfare (BOTH DUBS)

The Lori Apocalypse/The Swap 2: Then There Was Trouble

This variant will be seen in 2020, but was revealed in 2019.

Summary: The same as before, but this time normal, then the text changes to the colours red, orange and blue. Though as of January 2020, the colours are there the entire time.


The model used is from LogoManSeva.

Though it may not, due to rendering problems.

The logo was said to be actually orange, red and blue entirely.

It was said for good that it will be only orange, red and blue at the end.

It was also used for Ethan And Friends The Swap 2: But Then There Was Trouble.


X-Men Days Of Future Past (?) (All dubs)


20th Century Fox -Feb 1st, 2020-

20th Century Fox -Feb 1st, 2020-

Ethan And Friends: The Swap 2: Then There Was Trouble Variant 

20th Century Fox -2020-

20th Century Fox -2020-

Ethan And Friends: The Lori Apocalypse Variant.

20th Century Fox -Oct 31st, 2019-

20th Century Fox -Oct 31st, 2019-

The Spooky Scary Special variant.

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