This is the official rules of the Dream Logos Wiki Discussion Board. All of the same Rules of Conduct apply here and to all ranks on the site. Using a sockpuppet to evade punishment such as a ban or chat mute is strictly prohibited. If you are caught doing this, your main account's ban will be extended and the sockpuppet will be permabanned. 1. Like above, all of the same rules listed on the Rules of Conduct apply here. 2. If you run into a conflict, report the post and then make a report on the main site through Dream Logos Wiki:Reports. Also, avoid adding to the situation such as name-calling, arguing, making a big deal about it, etc. Doing so may also land you in trouble. 3. Do not fight over who gets to make the next thread in a series of threads, should the other ones be closed. Anyone can create the next thread. 4. Off-topic conversations will be moved to the correct board. 5. Impersonation of other users or famous people is forbidden and will result in a ban. 5. Spam of any form is not permitted. Examples of spam include the posting of same or similar messages within a short time frame, repetitive amounts of text, or generalized posts to increase viewership.
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